Greater Atlanta Regional Network (GARN)


The name of this organization is Greater Atlanta Regional Network (GARN).


The members of this organization are admissions representatives from universities and colleges located outside of Atlanta, GA, who live in the Atlanta area, and whose recruitment territory includes the Atlanta area. The organization’s objectives are as follows:

1.      To assist each other in counseling students for post-secondary study

2.      To assist high school counselors through programs and informal sessions in the educating of high school students about post-secondary opportunities

3.      To provide support to new regional representatives

4.      To offer guidance to colleges/universities who are considering adding a regional representative


Membership Guidelines include the following:

1.      Members must work out of their homes or at a university sponsored regional center

2.      Admissions must be the member’s primary profession

3.      Members’ residences must be in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area

4.      Members or their institutions must be members of either the Southern Association for College Admission Counseling (SACAC) or National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

5.      Member institutions cannot have their main campus located in the following counties in the metropolitan Atlanta area – Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fayette, Cherokee, Henry, Hall, Paulding, Douglas, Coweta, Bartow, Rockdale, and Newton

Potential candidates requesting membership into GARN must confirm that they meet all membership guidelines, and then the Executive Board will review the request. Candidates meeting four of the five membership guidelines will be allowed to appeal for membership into GARN. An appeal does not guarantee membership into GARN. If appealing, the applicant must submit a letter of appeal to the GARN Executive Board for review. The GARN Executive Board will carefully evaluate each appeal and will grant or deny membership based on the appeal information.  

An appeal needs to consist of the following:

a.      Why the applicant believes they should be considered for membership in GARN

b.      Which four of the five guidelines the applicant meets.

c.      The applicant’s recruitment territory.

d.      How much recruitment time is spent in the Atlanta area.

As our membership is institution based, GARN members may have campus based representatives attend any GARN meeting or event. Whenever possible, GARN institutions are expected to send representation should the local staff member not be able to attend. If a member leaves their position, GARN institutions are encouraged to send representation during the transitional period to ensure that membership in GARN is still active.


Currently GARN does not have a dues structure which is subject to change based on the needs of the organization.


GARN Offices – Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach Coordinator, Social Coordinator, Secretary, Past Chair

Officers are elected every year. Elections will be held during the spring meeting. Quorum of 2/3  must be present to vote.


1.      The GARN Chair shall:

a.      Preside at GARN Biannual Membership Meetings of the organization

b.      Preside over two Executive Board meetings (held prior to the meetings)

c.      Serve as the point of contact for individuals interested in GARN membership

d.      Appoint members for special duties or committees

e.      Conduct the GARN survey of its membership every even year to provide    membership and potential member colleges/universities with the results of the comparative information

f.       Keep members abreast of Georgia PROBE/NACAC and other professional development opportunities

2.      The Vice Chair shall:

a.      Assist the president

b.      Serve as parliamentarian

c.      Provide membership expectation for GARN sponsored events

3.      The Secretary shall:

a.      Take minutes of all meetings and handle all correspondence

b.      Provide the minutes of the last meeting to new members

c.      Document Attendance

d.      Maintain the membership database

4.      The Outreach Coordinator shall:

a.      Coordinate College Search Series

b.      Serve as a liaison for Junior Night Programs

c.      Inform GARN of Non-Profit opportunities (example: YMCA Fairs)

d.      Explore new opportunities for member outreach

6.      Social Chair shall:

a.      Promote membership to GARN and Georgia PROBE

b.      Recognize birthdays

c.      Coordinate holiday and end of the year celebration

d.     Coordinate social events throughout the academic year

7.      Technology Chair shall:

a.         Maintain the GARN listserv

b.     Maintain the GARN website - including Member Directory

8.      Past Chair shall:

a.      Serve as a nonvoting member

b.      Presides over elections

c.      Promote development with Georgia PROBE and NACAC


GARN officers are elected in the spring to a one-year term of service. Each office is required to have an “Officer Transition Meeting” prior to August 1. During this meeting, all files and records will be turned over to the newly-elected officer. Terms of service run from August 1 through July 31 of the calendar year. No member shall serve more than 3 consecutive terms in one office.


Dismissal from Office: By vote of a simple majority of GARN members present at any meeting of GARN, the name of a representative may be placed on the agenda for dismissal at the next regular meeting.

The Executive Board shall notify the officer in question in writing at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting at which dismissal action is scheduled to be taken. Such notification shall include a statement of charges against the officer. The officer in question may request a postponement of action that must be upheld by a quorum vote of GARN, but in no case may postponement be granted for more than one meeting following the originally scheduled dismissal action. The officer in question shall be notified to speak to GARN at the next meeting.

If the officer in question is the chair, the vice-chair shall preside during the meeting at which dismissal action is taken. Dismissal action shall be by written secret ballot and shall be by a two-thirds majority vote of the representatives present.

A representative who has been removed from office under the provisions of this article retains a position within GARN


If an officer resigns or leaves the organization during his or her term of office, the remaining members of the Executive Board will appoint a member who has previously served as an officer to finish out said officer’s term.


County Coordinators are responsible for scheduling group visits in high schools during the fall and spring semesters.

  1. County Coordinators are responsible for scheduling visits in the following primary counties: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fayette, Cherokee, Henry, Hall, Paulding, Douglas, Coweta, Bartow, Rockdale, and Newton.  

  2. Preference of visits: Presentation style visits, mini fairs, or lunch visits as a last resort

  3. Timing: County Coordinators must send out GARN visit information and sign-up sheets at least two weeks prior to the scheduled visits.

  4. County Coordinators will lock sign-up sheets prior to visits and will send confirmation emails to all members who have signed-up for the visit. Any changes in attendees must go through the County Coordinator once the sign-up sheets are locked.  

  5. County Coordinators are responsible for submitting a report of each GARN visit keeping track of who attended the event, if it was beneficial, what changes should be made for next year, and general comments about the visit.

  6. In the event that the county coordinator is not present at the scheduled visit, the county coordinator will appoint another member to serve as the point of contact for the visit and also to submit the report.  

  7. County Coordinators can serve in the same county for two consecutive years. After a county coordinator has served for two years, we will open the position to others for professional development opportunities. County coordinators can change counties after two years and still serve in this capacity.  


If a GARN member will not be present at a GARN visit, the member must notify the county coordinator within 24 hours. If a member does not notify the coordinator and misses the event, that member shall receive a demerit. If a member receives two demerits, the result will be suspension from all GARN visits for a duration of two semesters. Each demerit is valid for one year from the date of issue. Demerits are issued per individual, not per institution.

In the case of an emergency, members must let the high school counselor and the county coordinator know as soon as possible.


Biannual meetings will be held each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Other meetings will be held as scheduled by the Chair or appointed officer if the Chair is unavailable. There must be a quorum vote of 2/3 of the attending members to enact new bylaws, change basic policy or elect officers.

1.      GARN members are expected to attend the biannual meetings with the exception of appointments outside the GARN members’ control due to university/college-sanctioned events which will be accepted as excused absences.

2.      Election of officers will be held at the annual spring meeting.


GARN subscribes to the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practices.


These bylaws may be amended at one of the two membership meetings by a quorum vote of 2/3 of the attending members, providing that a notice of any proposed amendment has been sent to each voting member at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.